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Why is it called Rapid Prototyping?

The Rapid in RP comes from the comparison made between traditional prototyping methods that may take weeks or months and RP which can take hours or days.

What does it cost?

Pricing is based on CAD time needed to generate a 3D data file and materials used by the machine to build the part. Studies have show that an RP model costs about 20-30% less than the cost of traditional prototyping methods.

Can you work from my sketch or drawing?

Yes! DTIsm can work from notes, napkin sketches or engineering drawings. The least costly approach, however, is if you provide an .stl file of your part.

How does RP work?

From an .stl file, the machine builds your part by adding ABD plastic is .010" layers much like an inkjet printer, without any special tooling or molds.

How big of a part can DTI build?

DTIsm can build your parts to the size you intend them to be. Our RP printer has a 8x8x12 build volume. If your part(s) are bigger, we can modularize your design and bond the sections together. Or, the design can be scaled down to fit the build volume

If my project design does not lend itself to RP, can DTI still build my prototype?

Yes! Although it is more costly, DTIsm has business relationships with reputable parts fabricators who can build your prototype using conventional methods.

What if I need my part to be a color other than white?

The ABS plastic material used comes in several different colors. If we cannot get the color you need, the white can be easily painted to your specific needs.









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The Dimension 3D model used at DTIsm

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